Characteristics Of Learning


Sky High Farm - a Story on the Characteristics of Learning

The Thinking Pigs


Having their own ideas

  • I can try something different rather than follow what someone else has done.
  • I can address a problem with a strategy.
  • I can retain my independence – not ask for support straight away even if it takes longer to achieve the outcome.

Using what I already know to learn new things

  • I can understand patterns and talk about the predictability of events.
  • I can talk about/explain how my process links to a previous experience.
  • I can make a link and draw upon knowledge or experiences not immediately related to their activity.

Choosing ways to do things and finding new ways

  • I can use a trial and error approach and talk about why some things do or do not work.
  • I can choose different ways of approaching activities and adapt if it doesn’t work.


Persevering Tortoise


Being involved and concentrating

  • I can keep focused on self-initiated activity for a long period of time.
  • I can concentrate and be involved in the activity without being distracted.
  • I can show care in what I am doing.
  • I can show concentration through being silent or thinking aloud.

Keeping on trying

  • I can show persistence – I do not give up even if it means starting again.
  • I can ask for help/support if I need it.
  • I can talk about solutions for challenges with my friends or teachers.
  • I can work things through myself.

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

  • I show a sense of satisfaction and pride when I have completed an activity – I want to show and tell people.
  • I relish a challenge and continually try to make things better.
  • I can evaluate myself and try different things as a result.
  • I am intrinsically motivated – achieving things for myself as opposed to adult praise.


Have a go mouse


Finding out and exploring

  • I prefer to work on my own/with my friends.
  • I can think aloud describing what I am doing.

Using what I know in my play

  • I link my ideas to my experiences from home or school.
  • I am confident to find the tools, materials and resources I need for a particular idea.

Being willing to have a go

  • I do not give up at the first problem – I keep trying.
  • I prefer to stick to what I am familiar with.
  • I am eager to try new ideas.
  • I like to ask for help as I work.
  • I prefer to get on with a challenge by myself.