Year 1 (Key Stage 1)

Notes from the Parents’ Information Evening which took place on Monday 12th September 2016.


Roles of support staff

  • Mrs Archer – class teacher, Forest School Leader for EYFS and KS1.
  • Mrs Voller – HLTA in Year 1, Mrs Voller teaches KS1 RE and covers Year 1 when Mrs Archer is out of the classroom.
  • Mrs Raggett – Teaching Assistant in Year 1 and Year 2.


  • Reward system within the class is based on choices and consequences. Children will be in teams. Team points are collected and the team with the most each day receives stickers.
  • Please ensure all belongings are named.


Communication with staff; the best time to catch us is after school except on a Monday when we have our staff meetings. Life, unfortunately, has downs as well as ups, so if there is anything that you feel could be affecting your child and their learning please let us know. If you wish to speak to us about an urgent matter we will do our best to accommodate you.


The children are expected to come into school on their own and manage their own belongings (book bag, water bottle, coats etc).

  • We remind them about reply slips etc
  • We have responsibilities in our class – helpers and leader. Each child has an opportunity to take on all of these roles.


Book bags are for books and letters mainly. Water bottles have been known to leak and spoil school books so please carry them separately.  If spare clothing is kept in school in case of a toilet accident, please place it in a bag to be hung on your child’s peg. We ask that you do the same for any special clothing for gym, sports clubs etc.




In Key Stage 1, we will be teaching phonics in ability groups within the class. We will continue to follow the Read Write Inc programme which teaches the children the letter sounds, broken down into three ‘sound sets’. Set 1 are the simplest one letter sounds along with ch, sh, th, nk and ng. In Set 2 the children will learn ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, or, ar, air, ir, ou, oy. Set 3 teaches the more complicated sounds ea, oi, a-e, i-e, ai, oa, o-e, u-e, aw, are (as in care), ur, er, ow (as in cow), ew, ire, ear and ure.

Children’s phonic ability will be assessed continually and they may be moved between groups accordingly.

In the summer term the Year 1 children will be required to take part in a Phonics Screening which measures their ability to decode for reading.




Reading – regular reading is important. Quality not quantity. Aim to read at least 4 times a week. Books will not be sent home on Tuesdays as this time is used to monitor your child’s home reading. Each Thursday there will be an opportunity to borrow a library book so your child will always have a book from school available to them. Comprehension is very important. Please talk with your child about the books you share. I expect reading books and diaries to be handed in and available to staff each day. Books will be changed if an adult has indicated in the diary that the book has been read. We will aim to change books 2 or 3 times a week.

Some good websites to look at are; - for top tips and free eBooks to read as well things to do in maths and science. - to create read and share visual stories.


Learning journals will become Learning Logs. They will be sent home on Fridays. A choice of tasks will be emailed based on the learning that has taken place that week. Choose one to complete and this is then recorded in the Learning Log. Learning Logs are to be back in school by Wednesday.


Maths – key instant recall facts will be sent home each half term. These are to help develop fluency in maths.


Forest School


  • Mrs Archer holds Forest School Leader Level 3 qualification
  • Forest School is an approach to educating children in the outdoor environment on a regular basis.
  • The activities support the main curriculum (particularly literacy, science, maths and the arts) and have a strong emphasis on raising all children’s self-esteem and independence.
  • An integral part of Forest School is that children will experience the outdoors in all weathers. With the exception of very high winds and thunder storms, please assume that your child will be outside when they take part in Forest School, even if it is for a shortened session.
  • To help achieve this, we ask you to ensure that your child is sent to school with weather appropriate clothing and footwear to change into. We recommend that the children wear long trousers to minimise stings and scratches but please bear in mind your child is likely to get dirty! We reserve the right to exclude anyone who we feel is inappropriately dressed.

If you have any questions about Forest School I will be very happy to chat with you.


Show and tell


The Year 1 curriculum has a lot of content. Our days are very busy and run to a timetable. We appreciate that children enjoy Show and Tell but please only if it’s relevant to learning or of real personal significance, at the time, then your child can bring things into school this term. We will try to find time for Show and Tell but it will not always be possible on same day.


We are looking forward to learning with your children this year.