School Council

At School we have an active and effective school council, a recent visitor to the school described them as ‘eloquent and enthusiastic‘.

The aim of the school council is to give the children a voice in the decision-making of the school, giving them an opportunity to experience genuine empowerment, to help them understand and accept responsibility for what happens in the school and to develop their confidence and other important life-skills.

School Councillors are voted for by their class in secret ballots, in Year 1 and 2.

Elections for new Councillors will be taking place this half term - check back soon for the results!

Through Circle Time, each class is involved in what is discussed at school council and the Councillors feedback to their classmates on a regular basis.

Each Councillor also has their own notebook in which they record the suggestions, concerns or ideas that are brought to their attention in the period between meetings. These are discussed at meetings and further action decided upon. The Councillors then report back to their classmates.

This year we have been looking at how we can improve the school environment, particularly the large playground. The children have come up with lots of interesting ideas and a group of Councillors have met with Mrs Spick, to discuss the plans. 

The children also showed the SIAMs Inspector around the school.