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Bramley Cof E (VA) Infant & Nursery School

Bramley Cof E (VA) Infant & Nursery School

Collective Worship

Every day the children join together in an act of collect worship. This is a wonderful time to gather together as a school to learn about the values taught to us by Jesus and God. Our themes are based on the school values and aims. The children are all given the opportunity to contribute by choosing stories, making comments, asking or answering questions, retelling the stories or making up prayers. Each half term the value is celebrated and explored in special acts of worship. A member of teh governing body joins us and presents an award to a child from each class who has demonstrated the value in a special way.

Open the Book Assemblies 

Open the Book (OTB) is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible. Each week members of the local churches will act out a story from the Lion storyteller Bible based on Christian Values. The children always look forward to Open the Book assemblies every Friday. It is a fun and interactive way to learn about the Bible. It also provides a special and valuable link to our community. The children love spotting the OTB members in the village and at community events.

Our Prayer Space 

Our prayer space is an inclusive space to enable children to explore their own spirituality. They are able to use this quiet space to reflect on the themes they have learnt about in their RE lessons or in the collective worship. It is a quiet and respectful area in which children go to pray or write down their thoughts, ideas or big questions. There are activities that children are able to carry out based on Christian or British values.

This half term the prayer space links to the the 'seek within' from our vision. Children reflect on their inner strength using the plasticine to aid their feelings and thoughts. 

Pause Days 

Each term we carry out a Pause Day. This is a special time where the children come together to work with children from different year groups. These days are invaluable to the children as they enable them to reflect on their learning and engage in deeper religious thinking. This term our pause day was centred around our new school vision.

The spring term Pause Day differed for the classes. Year 2 and reception stayed in school and used the developed prayer spaces to reflect on the Easter story. Year 1 went to Wintershall for a Lent workshop-looking at the stations of the cross and reflecting on the role of the donkey in the Easter story.

The Pause Day for the summer term will be centred around the church and involve a christening.

Worship Team

Our worship team are from Year 2 for the autumn and spring term and then Year 1 and Year 2 in the summer term, the worship team help to change and maintain the prayer spaces and help to lead some collective worship. They recently took part in the 20 year celebration of Open the Book in Woking. They have also planned and delivered an act of worship to reflect on our value of 'courage'.